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Annual, Extraordinary & Special General Meetings For France Companies

A general meeting may be a meeting of a company's shareholders (unlike a committee meeting, that may be a meeting of the directors). corporations offer the statutory framework for the line and conduct of general conferences. Note, too, that resolutions may also be passed as written resolutions (without having a general meeting) and there's currently no statutory demand for a non-public company to carry an Annual General Meeting unless the articles create provision for one to be controlled.

For any specific company, the statutory rules are supplemented by that company's articles. several corporations have the provisions of the Model Articles or Table A (older companies), either utterly or with some modification.

Types of meetings

There are 3 kinds of general meetings:

  • The Annual General Meeting.
  •  Extraordinary General Meeting.
  • Special General Meeting.
Below Information relating to public companies calling for notices of Annual, Extraordinary & Special General Meetings including:

Issuer Name
Meeting Date
Meeting Type
Meeting Time
Meeting Location
Record Date
Market Deadline

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