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BRVM Dividend For Financial Year 2018

Kindly Find below BRVM dividends to be distributed:

For the current year, yields are calculated based on the current share price. For other years, the last closing price of the share, before the dividend payment date, was used for the calculation of the dividend yield.
The adjusted dividend is the adjusted dividend after the fractionation, the capital increase or the grouping carried out by the company.

ExerciseSymboleIssuerPay-dateNet DividendAdjust DividendsYield
12018SMBCSMB29/08/20194501 800.008,74%
32018TTLSTOTAL SN27/07/2019105,31 053.007,04%
42018CFACCFAO MOTORS26/07/201931,53 150.006,12%
52018SGBCSGB17/07/2019202,52 025.002,40%
62018CBIBFCORIS BANK05/07/20194022 058.245,03%
72018NSBCNSIA BANQUE25/06/2019194,22194,225,25%
82018SDCCSODE17/06/20192702 700.008,91%
92018SIBCSIB07/06/20192521 260.008,70%
102018BOASBOA SENEGAL03/06/20191603 200.008,65%
112018ONTBFONATEL03/06/2019409,368 187.209,10%
122018BOANBOA NIGER27/05/2019385,955 017.358,60%
132018ABJCSERVAIR27/05/2019164,963 299.2010,37%
142018BOABBOA BENIN22/05/20194168 320.009,56%
152018BOACBOA CI20/05/20193066 120.008,50%
162018BOAMBOA MALI15/05/20192712 032.5010,06%
172018ECOCECOBANK CI15/05/20192411 205.006,73%
182018SNTSSONATEL14/05/20191 500.0015 000.008,72%
192018SDSCBOLLORE09/05/20191829 100.0010,55%
202018BOABFBOA BURKINA02/05/20193667 320.008,51%
212018SLBCSOLIBRA24/04/20191 368.002 736.003,70%

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