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About France's Stock Exchange


As the leading Pan-European marketplace, Euronext’s ambition is to serve the real economy by bringing together buyers and sellers in venues that are transparent, efficient and reliable. Our roots are deep:  for four centuries, the exchanges that now comprise Euronext have been at the heart of European capital markets.

Today Europe enters a new cycle in which regulated markets will play an increasingly significant role. Amid rising demand for new and diverse sources of capital and solutions for the transfer of risk, and growing pressure for more transparency and supervision, Euronext’s unique portfolio of market services means it is ideally positioned to play a role in the future development of European markets.

Euronext N.V. is the first European stock exchange of a truly international dimension. It provides services to regulated equity and derivatives markets in Belgium, France, the Netherlands, and Portugal, as well as to the United Kingdom (derivatives only), and is the leading European stock exchange in terms of shares traded via the central order book.

Euronext realizes the integration of its markets throughout Europe in order to offer its users a large single market with high liquidity and extremely profitable. The year 2004 saw the completion of a four-year project in which the company migrated its markets to Harmonized IT Platforms for Securities Trading (NSC), Derivatives (LIFFE CONNECT ®) and compensation. Euronext's integration and development model generates synergies by bringing together the strengths and assets of each of its markets, demonstrating that the best way to merge European stock markets is to apply a global vision at the local level.

Euronext provides financial market participants with a full range of integrated services to meet their needs. Among other services, this range facilitates companies' IPOs and provides trading systems for securities and derivatives, or market data.
Euronext users may also benefit from clearing services, through the Euronext LCH. Clearnet partner, and settlement and delivery, via the national securities depositories, of the Group's subsidiaries operating in Belgium. and in Portugal, and the Group's partnership with Euroclear. Finally, the sale of software and IT solutions completes this range.

Euronext's customers include:

members and financial institutions that have direct access to trading on its markets;
companies whose shares are listed on its markets, which allows them to raise funds;
private and institutional investors trading on the Euronext markets;
other stock exchanges that use its technologies and services;
users of financial information.
Euronext has diversified sources of income, which protects it from fluctuations in the financial markets. The Group's external growth, such as the acquisition of LIFFE (the derivatives market in London) in 2002 and the merger of its subsidiary Clearnet with the London Clearing House in 2003, enabled its derivatives and compensation activities in Europe to become more efficient, which benefits the entire European financial community.

Currency: EURO (EUR)

14, place des Reflets 92054 Paris La Défense Cedex
Phone: +33 (0)1 70 48 24 00 

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