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General Meeting

A General Meeting (GM) is the gathering of all the members of an organization (or representatives of these members) to meet with the leaders or members of its board of directors and possibly make decisions. The general meetings allow the directors to inform their constituents and these to vote on changes in the operation of the organization. This mode of operation is used by several types of organizations: non-profit associations1, unions, companies (for their shareholders or associates).

General Meeting also designates, in the context of an action or a social movement, the gathering in order to take active decisions of mobilized workers or students.

The place of meeting is fixed in the convocation addressed to the members of the organization considered, to the registered office or any other place of the department, unless otherwise stipulated in the social convention.

The joint-stock companies, as well as those whose capital is composed of shares, hold each year an ordinary general meeting of shareholders, partners, and members.

The purpose is to review the accounts of the previous year and make decisions about the board of directors or management. It is also the general meeting that decides on the distribution of the potential profits.

They may also hold extraordinary general meetings to make specific decisions, including changes to the bylaws. When an extraordinary general meeting is held in the same meeting as an ordinary general meeting, it is called a mixed general meeting.

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